I once read a book where the main character was called a “maker”. That’s me — I’m a “maker”. I make stuff. I have always made stuff.

When I’m not busy with my “real job” as a graphic designer, I keep myself busy and out of trouble making stuff. I have been making and selling 1:48 scale miniatures for over 25 years, first under the name itty bitty bits which was changed to Those Murray Girls. With the passing of Pepper, my mother and business partner, in 2009, I became SamanthaCreations.

Like many little girls, I had a dollhouse growing up. Mine was made by my grandfather for my mother when she was a little girl. It was fairly rustic and not really to scale.When you are a kid, who cares? Petite Princess furniture had just come out so I had some very fancy furniture for my simple little house. I loved it!

As happens, I outgrew my dollhouse and it was relegated to a corner in the store room. We’d run across it every now and then and say something along the line of “We really should fix that up,” but nothing ever came of it. I actually still have it and still hope to renovate it at some point.

When I was in my late twenties and living on the East coast, my mother and some of her friends got bit by the miniatures bug. And like most new “addicts” she wouldn’t stop talking about her new interest. I got dragged to the local show when I came for a visit. It was a very small show but there were some very talented and renowned miniaturists in the local club so it was easy to understand her interest. After I had returned home, Pepper had to ship some things to me and inside the box was tucked a 1” scale roombox shell. She had used it as protection for something else in the shipment that was very delicate. I figured “What the heck” and created a graphic design studio in it based on the place I was working at the time. I was able to purchase most of the building components such as windows, flooring, and brick, but I had to make everything else from scratch. I made drafting tables, drawing tablets, markers, you name it. It wasn’t long before I was hooked.

I’m not sure what possessed me to try 1/48 scale. I think I just like “fussy” stuff. Whatever it was, I found my niche. I love creating in quarter inch. I’ve found that 1/48 scale is a lot more forgiving than the larger scales. Our brains have adapted so that we automatically finish an incomplete picture and, as such, we fill in details that are not necessarily there. That being said, I also love trying to see how much detail I can get. Don’t get me wrong, I love miniatures of all scales and in fact have a very extensive 1” scale collection. But outside of building the structures, I feel very clumsy when working in 1” scale.

In addition to the minis, I make jewelry and other things as the mood strikes.